Architects of the New Paradigm Conference Series


Architects of the New Paradigm Conference Series Summer Session:

“Living in the Post-Disclosure World-
Humanity Awakens to the ET Presence”

Richard Dolan – Stephen Bassett – Daniel Sheehan

Grant Cameron – Jonny Enoch – Victor Viggiani 

Special Guests George Noory and Tom Danheiser of Coast to Coast AM Radio

– Multimedia Lectures by Leading Researchers and Thinkers
– Audience Questions Panel Moderated by George Noory
– Meet the Speakers Cocktail Party- Bring Books & Cameras!

Saturday, June 30, 2018 – Vancouver, BC Canada

Details Coming March 2018 

George Noory     Stephen Bassett     Daniel Sheehan     Richard Dolan     Grant Cameron     Jonny Enoch     Victor Viggiani

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October 2015- Petaluma, CA

JEFF WARRICK- Mind Crimes of the Power Elite
FRED BURKS- A White House Insider’s Report from Behind the Scenes
LORI LORENZ, MA- Psychopaths, Mind Control and Our Brains

January 2016- San Rafael, CA

DANIEL SHEEHAN- Worldview Paradigm Theory: An Approach to Understanding a Complex Sociopolitical Landscape
RICHARD DOLAN- Understanding False Flag Operations
KIMBERLY CARTER-GAMBLE- Passionate Intent and Unconflicted Behavior: How Daily Decisions Create the New Paradigm
JOEL GARBON- Advanced Energy Technology: The Juice of the New Paradigm?
CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS- Power, Privacy & Transparency
FOSTER GAMBLE- Solutions Toward a Thriving World- Principles, Strategies and Tactics for the Most Critical Moment in Human History

March 2017- Ashland, OR

DANIEL SHEEHAN- The Architecture of Human Worldviews- Insights and Strategies for Relating to Each Other in an Increasingly Polarized World
MARY RUWART- How We Learned the Secret of Peace and Plenty in Childhood- and Then Promptly Forgot It!
FOSTER GAMBLE- The Freedom Solution- What’s Missing in the New Paradigm- An Update on Practical Breakthroughs from Thrive Movement
JOHN PERKINS- New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man- A Call to Transform Turmoil into A New Economy
JENNIFER MARGULIS- What if Our Medical Advances Are Also Our Worst Mistakes? Vaccines, Antibiotics, Hygiene and a New Paradigm for Health
NASSIM HARAMEIN- The Connected Universe- Learning to See Our World Differently Through Cutting-Edge Science

Architects of the New Paradigm Conference Series- ANP Conference

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